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Tasked with telling the story of each celebrity’s experiential offering, as well as the ALL IN Challenge story as a whole, Berk dedicated one team to storytelling around auctions and sweepstakes relevant to specific markets and dedicated another team to national media, as well as utilizing Michael Rubin and participating talents – Robert Kraft, DJ Khaled, etc. – for top-tier media interviews.​

Berk’s strategy also included capitalizing on the beginning and end of an auction/sweepstakes, ensuring coverage as it kicked off and as it entered its final day of bidding. 


The ALL IN Challenge raised over $55 million dollars (and counting) to combat food insecurity from COVID-19.​


Berk secured over 4,300 media placements totaling over 26 billion media impressions in top-tier media outlets such as Associated Press, ESPN, CNN, CNBC, and Entertainment Tonight.​


Established ALL-IN Challenge as the pre-imminent cause for celebrities to utilize their platform to raise millions of dollars for COVID-19 relief.​

All in Challenge: Tapping into Celebrity Platforms for COVID-19 Relief


As COVID-19 plagued our nation, Fanatics Founder and Executive Chairman Michael Rubin recognized an immediate need to combat food insecurity stemming from this epidemic. Rubin – well-connected across the sport, music, business, and entertainment space – created the ALL IN Challenge, a viral platform that allowed celebrities to auction off one-of-a-kind experiences. 100% of the proceeds raised through bids went to a group of organizations dedicated to combating food insecurity across our country. ​

Rubin turned to Berk Communications to launch the challenge in a strategic manner that would result in something much more important than media impressions – millions of dollars for COVID-19 relief.​

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