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In order to bring the concept to life, the team took a two-prong approach. In March 2019, the team planned The Cheesecake Factory’s first ever New York media tour for Chief Culinary Officer Donald Moore. The goal was to put a face and name to the “Made Fresh, From Scratch” messaging. Having someone who could demonstrate live the work that goes into creating the extensive menu was eye-opening for media. The tour included BTS videos with Business Insider, The Daily Meal, and AOL, interviews with TASTE, Bon Appetit, Delish, TODAY, and Cheddar, a catered lunch at Cosmopolitan, a live demo at The Food Network, and two media dinners with high profile media. Simultaneously, we executed an influencer program in New York, Boston, and Atlanta, where influencers were invited to work alongside the line cooks to watch the extensive prep and see the incredible fresh produce the restaurant uses every day.


51,130,395 million impressions from media tour

28,130,143 social media impressions for media tour


A four-point uptick in awareness YOY of Made Fresh, From Scratch

Shifting the Perception of an Iconic Brand



The Cheesecake Factory is historically known as a celebration destination where guests come to indulge. What most people don’t know is that all items are made fresh every day and from scratch. The team was tasked in 2019 to shine a light on this message and shift the perception of the beloved Cheesecake Factory from only a celebration destination, to an everyday dining option.

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