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Building Excitement During Peak Booking Window​


Caesars Entertainment knew their peak booking window was mid-January and wanted a series of stories to run during that time that drove travelers to book at their luxury property in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace.  Las Vegas is a very crowded market, with investments being made throughout the city, so we need to create a narrative that truly differentiated the property from the competition and introduced a new era for the iconic hotel.


The team created an embargo strategy that consisted of a series of partnership, renovation and celebrity announcements all tied to the reinvention of the iconic property.  The one key exclusive, Travel & Leisure, was the piece that tied all of these exciting components together.  In addition to tremendous press results, the business heard from VIPs and investors directly about the incredible amount of press throughout January. The team also leveraged Regional Vice President Sean McBurney for media to discuss the rich history and impact the hotel has had on Las Vegas over the years. ​


1,476,942,034 editorial and social impressions in one month in high-quality publications, such as Travel + Leisure, Forbes, Food & Wine, People, Yahoo! Lifestyle and more​

40+ media and social media placements to date

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