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Driving Buzz for MLS All-Star in the Twin Cities



Through strategic earned media efforts, Berk was tasked with amplifying awareness, interest, and overall excitement across local Minneapolis media ahead of and during 2022 MLS All-Star Week in the Twin Cities.


In 2022, Berk worked with professional sports league Major League Soccer (MLS) to bring awareness and drive coverage for the 2022 MLS All-Star game in Twin Cities, Minnesota. ​


​To do so, Berk amplified in-market events through various earned media tactics leading up to and throughout All-Star Weekend (ASW) to build buzz for the annual event. From community events, exclusive access to players and executives for interviews, to premium hosting experiences at official All-Star games and concerts, Berk leveraged the different touchpoints of All-Star to secure compelling storytelling across local media with MLS at the heart of it all. ​


This was especially true in focusing on the power of local broadcast by also leveraging strong off-the-field moments for a continuous stream of coverage in the days and weeks leading up to ASW kick off. One example of this was a pre-All-Star media event coordinated with Berk and MLS allowing local media to put the official Skills Challenge to the test in a mobile, pop-up version. Accompanied by MLS legend Cobi Jones, Berk leveraged the talent alongside the engaging and visual pop-up to create a one-of-a-kind experience to replicate what athletes would soon be doing on the field. As a result of it, the private media event led to numerous broadcast, social and editorial coverage to drive even greater excitement leading into the formal kick off ASW.​


​In addition to a focus on local media, Berk and MLS hosted select national consumer lifestyle media with an immersive experience throughout MLS All-Star Weekend. In doing so, Berk helped to build greater long-term affinity with Complex, Boardroom, Nice Kicks and other media outlets on behalf of MLS along with standalone MLS All-Star-driven editorial stories and social coverage.


70+ local and non endemic national soccer editorial placements for 1.42+ billion impressions​

170+ social posts reaching nearly 5 million followers​

110+ local broadcast segments/highlights for an earned viewership of 5.09+ million households

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